About Us

Lisa-Marie’s Story

Ari Nadúr was founded by Lisa-Marie Saygivar, a skincare specialist with world class experience. She always strived to be an entrepreneur with skin care being her passion in life.




She says, “I often struggled with my skin when I was young, I was diagnosed with Poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) that caused painful, inflamed cystic acne. It made me feel horrible about myself and it severely impacted my self-image. My own insecurities are what led me down the path of skincare and I immediately fell in love! I learned not only how I can manage my own skin but how to help countless others suffering from the same insecurities.



There is no better feeling than helping someone begin the right skincare journey and I have been so lucky that I’ve travelled the world doing my dream job. The knowledge and experience I gained during my travels, gave me the confidence I needed to create my own brand, Ari Nadúr”.


Mission Statement

Helping you find the beauty within while we care for your skin.