Cruelty Free

Animal TestingAt Ari Nadúr we are proud to be cruelty free.  Our founder Lisa-Marie is not only an animal rights activist but has dedicated many years of her life helping and rehabilitating sick/neglected animals.





Animal Testing

When Ari Nadúr began Lisa-Marie had 2 priorities; 1) Her skincare was made with the highest purity ingredients for maximum effectiveness and 2) That her brand was completely cruelty free. She ensured that all ingredients were sourced responsibly, and we can proudly say that now 95% of the ingredients are grown onsite in open farms to help the local bee and wildlife population. We also tracked all third-party ingredients to make sure that they were also sourced responsibly and that they are never tested on animals.



We are very passionate on being truly cruelty free and unlike others, when we say we do not test on animals, we mean it. Lisa-Marie says, “We have no right to use animals as the subject for any research or experimentations just as we do not have the right to experiment on humans without their consent. We should respect the right of ALL species just as we respect the right of all people”.

The love of all living creatures is the noble attribute of man- Charles Darwin